Sha’ban 1441 Update

New Shipment

Alhamdulillah, new titles have arrived from Egypt. They will be available to purchase from 4pm GMT today (26/03/2020) inshaAllah.


u can view our entire catalogue including new arrivals here:

Our shipment from Beirut including Lama’at, Tabsiratul Adillah and the new volumes of Raddul Muhtar has unfortunately been delayed. We do hope that it will depart Beirut in a few weeks but we can’t be certain.

Merging Orders

In the past, our customers would often make multiple orders. We would, when possible, merge these multiple orders and refund any extra shipping charges incurred. Unfortunately, due to new policies from our payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe for refunds, we will no longer be able to provide this service.


Although we are currently still open, this may change in the future. Deliveries may also be delayed as couriers are increasingly affected by the pandemic.