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Why not send your loved ones a Zakariyya Books Virtual Gift Card for Eid this year? A great gift idea for those wanting to help their loved ones on their journey of enlightenment.

Let them choose. A great idea for those not sure what books to give! How much? You can choose from one of our preset values or enter a custom amount. From smaller tokens of appreciation to a generous donation to a library, our gift card is suitable for all.

Want to surprise the giftee? You can buy the gift card now and choose a date and time for the giftee to receive it. They’ll receive the email precisely as you planned it.

Design the card yourself. You can choose from one of our images or upload your own custom image to attach.

Send a personal message. Make your gift card even more meaningful by attaching a personalised message.

Gift a book. Have you come across a book that your friend would love?? You can send a gift card for that specific book!

Please note: Gift cards are non-refundable and have a one-year expiration date.

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European road deliveries

Assalamu alaikum

Following the closure of the French border to traffic from the UK, and the suspension of the Ferry and the Eurotunnel services, DHL / UKMail European road services to all European destinations have been suspended with immediate effect.

UPS shipments (to Europe) are also likely to be delayed.

Our European customers are humbly requested to be patient during this period and inshaAllah they will receive their parcels as soon as possible.

Sha’ban 1441 Update

New Shipment

Alhamdulillah, new titles have arrived from Egypt. They will be available to purchase from 4pm GMT today (26/03/2020) inshaAllah.

You can view our entire catalogue including new arrivals here:

Our shipment from Beirut including Lama’at, Tabsiratul Adillah and the new volumes of Raddul Muhtar has unfortunately been delayed. We do hope that it will depart Beirut in a few weeks but we can’t be certain.

Merging Orders

In the past, our customers would often make multiple orders. We would, when possible, merge these multiple orders and refund any extra shipping charges incurred. Unfortunately, due to new policies from our payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe for refunds, we will no longer be able to provide this service.


Although we are currently still open, this may change in the future. Deliveries may also be delayed as couriers are increasingly affected by the pandemic.

New books now available to purchase

Assalamu alaikum

Our books are now available to purchase on our website

While all the books that have arrived should be available now, images for the books will be uploaded over the next 24 hours.

Alhamdulillah it is our largest shipment so far and as much as we have tried to ensure there are no errors, there are bound to be errors in our stock inventory, prices and elsewhere. Please forgive us for any inconvenience. We will fix these at the earliest opportunity

We managed to bring 9 copies of Radd al Muhtar to sell. These were all that are left with the publisher. The book is being reprinted. Unfortunately due to the extra handling costs, we have had to charge more than what we anticipated for this book. The next time Radd al Muhtar comes it should be cheaper InshaAllah.

JazakAllahu khaira

15% off all Hadith titles

15% off all Hadith titles

For a limited time, we’re offering a 15% discount on all of our Hadith related texts. You can view all the titles on offer by clicking here:

This offer will expire by midnight (BST) this Saturday the 26th of May

New Stock

We have a shipment arriving from Beirut in towards the end of June inshaAllah that contains titles from Dar al Minhaj (Jeddah), Dar al Risalah al ‘Alamiyyah, Dar al Qalam and Maktabah al Hadith al Kattaniyyah. To view the titles that are to arrive please click here.

Radd al Muhtar (Hashiyah ibn Abidin)

There were not enough of copies of Radd al Muhtar left with the publisher so we’re waiting for it to be reprinted. It should be reprinted within 2 months.

Whatsapp Mailing List

To stay up to date with our latest offers and arrivals, remember to join our Whatsapp mailing list by clicking here.

Please do not send queries to the Whatsapp number. It is for updates only.

New books have arrived!

New Stock

InshaAllah, our latest stock will be available to purchase from 9pm BST tonight (Friday the 20th of April). We’d like to thank you for being patient while the order was delayed for an extended period.

You can view the list of new titles by clicking here.

Reserved copies of al Budur al Mudiyyah

Customers who had pre ordered al Budur al Mudiyyah will have their copy reserved for one week until Friday the 27th. If an order isn’t placed by then, the copy will be released for other customers.

When making your purchase please use the same email address you reserved the book with.

Radd al Muhtar (Hashiyah ibn Abidin)

Alhamdulillah we’ve managed to source the much sought after print of Radd al Muhtar ‘ala al Durr al Mukhtar by Hussam al Din Farfur. Currently a copy of the original is available in the standard 24×17 size, which is slightly smaller than the size the book was originally printed in. This copy has also been published by the original publishers and is identical to the original except for in size.

We’d like to have this edition in stock in a few months time. However as there are not enough copies left with the publisher to fulfil the considerable demand, there may be a delay as more copies are printed.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy when it arrives please join the waitlist by clicking here. Joining the waitlist allows us to gauge the demand and make better decisions when buying from our suppliers.

Mailing List

To stay up to date with our latest offers and arrivals, remember to join our Whatsapp mailing list by clicking here.

Please do not send queries to the Whatsapp number. It is for updates only.

Radd al Muhtar (Farfur Edition)

We are currently looking to import a copy of the Farfur edition of Radd al Muhtar / Hashiyah ibn Abidin.

As only 17 volumes have been published so far, the book is incomplete. We intend to sell the remaining volumes individually as the editing is completed.

The book will probably sell for around £150.

Before confirming the order, we would like to know how many customers are willing to purchase the title. Please add yourself to the waiting list to express your interest and reserve a copy.

To add yourself to the waiting list please click here:

InshaAllah the book will arrive in a months time.

Dar al Bashair Sale!

January Newsletter

New Stock

InshaAllah in early February some eagerly anticipated titles will be arriving including موسوعة التفسير بالمأثور and the new edition of المهند على المفند. There may also be a shipment arriving from Dar al Minhaj (Jeddah). More information will be available soon.


10% off ALL Dar al Bashair Titles

For the next week (until 12.01.2018) we will be offering 10% off all Dar al Bashair titles. The discount will automatically be applied to titles in stock.

Click here to view all titles by Dar al Bashair


Lower Shipping Prices

Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to announce that we are lowering our UK Mainland shipping prices again. New prices are as follows:


[table type=”standard_minimal”]
[tcol]Up to 2kg[/tcol]
[tcol]2kg – 5kg[/tcol]
[tcol]Down from £5.90[/tcol]
[tcol]5kg – 10kg[/tcol]
[tcol]Down from £7.10[/tcol]
[tcol]10kg – 30kg[/tcol]
[tcol]Down from £8.70[/tcol]


November Update

EDIT: InshaAllah the books will be available for purchase from 7AM GMT on Tuesday the 21st of November.

New Stock

Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, new titles will be arriving later this month. Along with much-anticipated recent publications such al Kawkab al Durri (Commentary of Jami’ al Tirmidhi by Shaykh Gangohi), some of our out-of-stock titles will also be arriving, including Pirizada’s commentary of al Ashbah and Shaykh Sa’id Fudah’s al Sharh al Kabir on al ‘Aqidah al Tahawiyyah.

To be notified when we have a more exact date, please subscribe to our Whatsapp mailing list or our newsletter.

We’d like to thank our customers for being patient as we organize new shipments from different parts of the world.

For a list of new titles please click here.

Courier Change

We’ve also changed couriers recently. We will now be shipping with fully tracked next day delivery. On the day of delivery, customers will receive a text message giving them a one hour delivery window.

While we do aim to process orders within 48 hours, we are a small business and are Alhamdulillah sometimes overwhelmed with orders. As a result, some of you have had orders arrive later than expected recently. Jazak Allahu khaira for your patience.

Reviewing Purchases

Leaving a review on a book can be helpful to others who would like to make an informed decision on a book. We humbly request those of our customers who can, to leave a quick review of a book they have purchased to help others. There will be no rating system on products as we feel this is disrespectful.

To leave a review, you can visit the product page of a book and click the Review tab (next to Book Details, see screenshot)


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